13 de Julho, 2015

premio arquitectos china
mage: International Union of Architects
Portuguese Architects awarded in one of the best international competitions promoted by UIA and UNESCO.
The team Joana Moreira, Rui Jurze, Diogo Jurze e Jorge Francisco, were awarded by the International Union of Architects.
The Jury for the International Competition for MOLEWA – Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture – promoted by Hua Yan Cultural Investment Co., Ltd of Beijing, Chinametin Ruichang, Jiangxi Province, People Republic of China on june 6 and 7. Competitors were invited to design prestigious building complexes – commercial and cultural on the one hand, residential on the other – in the MOLEWA new town on the foothills of Mount Lu.
The jury was chaired by Mauricio Rivero Borrel, past UIA Vice-president and the International Union of architects was represented in the jury by Ms. Marianne Burkhalter (Switzerland) and Mr. Chun Gyu SHIN (Korea) UIA representative for the commercial and cultural category and by Ms. Jennifer LEE (USA) for the residential category.
The Jury analysed all the competition entries and after due deliberation came to the following declaration:
“The Jury by unanimous vote considered that the presented works include important proposals and interesting options for architectural solutions but could not identity one to be considered for the first prize. Due to this statement, the Jury selected four proposals for the Second Prize, six more proposals to receive the Third Prize. And the Jury also agreed on seven works to receive Honourable Mention.”
A competition opened to Chineese students was organised in parallel.
SECOND PRIZES Commercial/cultural category
Nicolas Papier (France)
Jose Munoz Villers (Mexico)
SECOND PRIZES residential category
Ingrid Moye (Mexico)
Mara Gabriela Partida Munoz (Spain)
THIRD PRIZES Commercial/cultural category
Kristina Sahlestrom (Sweden)
Joana Moreira (Portugal)
Stephen Chan Kin Kwok (China)
Honourable Mentions Commercial/cultural category
Vincent Callebaut (France)
Ka Sing Yeung (China)
Jesus Ulargui Agurruza (Spain)
THIRD PRIZES residential category
Gojko Radic (Serbia)
Georges Hung (France)
Gabriel Pablo Martinez (Argentina)
Honourable Mentions Residential category
Stephane Hof (Belgium),
Guilherme Gabriel Alves (Brazil)
Jose Manuel Duarte Soalheiro (Portugal)
Tony Leung (Australia)
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