10 movies to watch with the whole family

1 de April, 2020

In quarantine season, take the opportunity to travel through distant worlds and fantastic adventures without leaving the couch. Enjoy the magic of cinema with these suggestions for all ages.

Toy Story

This is an animated film that manages to please not only the youngest but also adults. With jokes for all ages, the story of the toys that come to life is perfect for a family movie night. And the story is so good that it resulted in three more films and countless spin-offs.


Steven Spielberg’s classic science fiction story of an extraterrestrial trapped on planet Earth is pure movie magic. Parents will love this moment of nostalgia and the younger ones will love the lovely E.T. and the friendship with their earthly family (although you should bear in mind that there are sad moments).


This 80’s classic has it all: hidden treasures, eternal friendship, inexhaustible emotions and a young Josh Brolin. The villains in the story (the Fratellis thieves) can be a little scary, so we recommend that you watch this movie with children from 10 years old.

Harry Potter Saga

Revisiting Rowling’s magical story of a young wizard who fights “the one-whose-name-cannot-be-pronounced” Voldemort is one of the best cinema sessions you can have with your children. There are 8 films to watch, which will certainly fill several evenings with a lot of spells and adventure.

Star Wars Saga

What better time to introduce the youngest to the best adventure in the galaxy? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars saga revolutionized the film industry with an epic of sounds and visual effects, combined with exciting stories from space.

Lord of the Rings

Follow the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, nephew Frodo and courageous friends in Peter Jackson’s award-winning adaptations of J.R.R.Tolkien’s fiction and fantasy novels, which revolve around a magical and seductive ring with powers of darkness.

Jurassic Park

For sure you remember the story of a remote island where dinosaurs come to life thanks to the dormant DNA, but we guarantee that you will be surprised at how those special effects and suspense still remain incredible to this day.


More than anything else in the world, young Josh, 13, wants to be “big”. And that is the desire he asks in a machine to “read the fate and guess the future in the palm of your hand”. The next morning, Josh wakes up, only to find that he is an adult overnight! Surprisingly sweet and undeniably funny, Big is one of Tom Hanks’s first movies, plunging into the role and enchanting everyone with unforgettable charm and poignancy.

How to Train Your Dragon

The young son of a Viking leader must be able to capture a dragon to mark his passage into adulthood and prove his worth to the tribe. With stunning animations, an argument with unexpected dramatic complexity and thrilling 3D sequences, How to Train Your Dragon is a pleasant surprise.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a dazzling, charming and wonderfully designed fairy tale that will leave viewers a little more curious and fascinated by the world around them. Principal animation director Hayao Miyazaki continued his 1997 masterpiece Mononoke with this surreal tale of Alice in Wonderland about a lost girl who discovers a new world.

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