5 activities to entertain children (and make them expend energy)

2 de April, 2020

Occupying children in enclosed spaces is not an easy task and can threaten parents’ mental health. Try these activities to entertain the youngest and keep them motivated!

Tent or fort

There is probably not a child between 1 and 10 years old who doesn’t like to build and play in tents or forts. In fact, we would even say that most adults would also enjoy this game. Children’s imagination is highly developed with this activity. From construction planning – what will you use to create your tent? You can gather most of the materials yourself – playing in the tent will be an absolute pleasure. We hope you will feel inspired to create an exciting and fun staging, or simply enjoy changing the scene and playing with your “hidden” toys in the den.

The easiest way to create a stable hiding place is to use a blanket or sheet and cover a table or other furniture that you can move. You can create a spacious hiding place by using four chairs arranged in a square with the blanket placed on the back. Add some pillows to the tent and your kids will surely love it.

Throw a birthday party for your child’s favorite toy

Simple, fun and very rewarding. It just depends on your imagination and circumstances – how big can this celebration be?

It can be anything, from just a tea party, to a big party with music, balloons, treats and games.

A tip: start with a small party, as we believe that your children can pass by and ask for more parties like this.

Domestic treasure hunt

Create a map of your home and hide small items around you. Mark each part of the hidden treasure on the map. Explain the map to your little ones and offer your support in the treasure hunt if they need it.

If your children are older, use cards with words that describe where you hid an object. Children love the combination of clues and hunting. It’s hard not to have fun, too.

Full size drawings

Glue an amount of A4 sheets of paper (or if you have a big roll of paper even better!) And place it on the floor. Encourage children to lie down and outline their bodies with a pen. From this moment on, there is no way to prevent children from becoming creative: paint, add accessories to the figures, such as stickers or stamps, design clothes with pieces of old material or other things you can find at home. Children will have a lot of fun with the full-size prints and you can have something really special to decorate the bedroom wall later.

Indoor gym for children

Transform your living room into a children’s gym and create fun and age-appropriate sports stations. You can place a trail of sheets of paper on the floor, on which children should walk without touching anything other than the paper. Here you can innovate and ask them for jumps, etc.

A planking station is also a lot of fun. If you have a soft mat or mat, you can try jumping with them if you are old enough. Any other type of exercise that is performed only with your own body weight is great.

To make you more competitive, you can use the stopwatch to measure the duration of each exercise.

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