Best universities in the Metropolitan Lisbon area

16 de March, 2020

Lisbon not only offers excellent conditions to live in, but is also gaining a strong reputation in the field of higher education, having already achieved a good international status thanks to the quality and excellence of its universities. Find out which are the best universities in the Portuguese capital and invest in deepening your knowledge and learning experience. 

Lisbon has some of the best Portuguese universities, now ranked internationally among the best institutions worldwide. All these universities provide study plans that go from bachelor, all the way to post-doctoral degrees and research studies. Portuguese public higher education requires the payment of an annual tuition fee by all students, while in the private sector, along with the annual tuition, there is also a monthly fee for attending the institution. All the universities have partnerships with schools from other countries, thus facilitating the promotion of international relations.

Lisbon University integrates nowadays the courses resultant from the fusion of the University of Lisbon and the Lisbon Technical University. It’s one of the most prestigious at international level, and leads the main international rankings, as far as Portuguese institutions go. It includes colleges in the areas of Technology, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Arts. The “Instituto Superior Técnico” (Technical Institute) is particularly reputed for the high employment rates of its graduates in areas such as technology, computer science and engineering. The “Faculdade de Letras” (School of Languages) has a solid reputation in the fields of Linguistics, Languages and Literature.

Universidade Católica (Catholic University) is one of the best private Portuguese universities and the only one teaching Theology. The teaching is rigorous and grounded on promoting human values, thus dignifying the student as a person.

Universidade Aberta (Open University) is the only Portuguese public university dedicated to remote and e-learning education, focusing mainly in the study and research of the Portuguese culture and language, within the Portuguese-speaking universe.

ISCTEInstituto Universitário de Lisboa (Lisbon Universitary Institute) is one of the best colleges in the fields of Social Sciences, Management and Economy.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Lisbon New University)is the most recent university (in comparison with the others), with schools in the areas of Social and Human Sciences, Medical, Technologies, Economy and Marketing. The several campuses are located in Lisbon, Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica.

The Financial Times European ranking indicates the Nova School of Business and Economics (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (Catholic University) and the ISCTE Business School (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa) as the three best schools in Lisbon for Management and Business courses; they are the most fitting for those looking for a career in the international field, with more than half the students being of foreign origin and the classes entirely taught in English. 

Article in a Bestguide and Porta da Frente partnership.

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