Caldo verde among the best soups in the world

17 de March, 2021

The typical Portuguese soup is highlighted in the list of the 20 best soups in the world by CNN Travel.

The US CNN travel channel published a list of the 20 best soups in the world and the traditional Portuguese Caldo Verde was one of the chosen ones.

A “home comfort food,” as CNN writes, caldo verde is described in the article as a soup with “thinly sliced vegetables” that meld with potatoes and onions. The slice of chorizo adds a salty, smoky flavour to it. A gastronomic pearl that is both served in upmarket cafés and rural kitchens and, it is suggested, should be enjoyed alongside a glass of Minho’s famous green wine.

This list also includes the famous French Bouillabaisse, the Spanish Gazpacho, the Japanese ramen or the Ukrainian Borscht.

Source: CNN Travel

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