International consultant with interest in Portugal interviews Rafael Ascenso

28 de May, 2021

With the growing interest of citizens from all over the world in our country, Anatolij Letaev, founder and head of Migronis, had a conversation with Rafael Ascenso, CEO of Porta da Frente Christie’s, to learn a little more about our country and in particular about the town of Cascais.

Porta da Frente Christie’s received a visit from Anatolij Letaev, founder and head of Migronis, a consultancy company that aims to help and advise citizens who want to live or invest abroad, namely by obtaining citizenship and residence permits.

Due to the growing interest of various nationalities in Portugal, Anatolij Leataev travelled to Portugal and talked to Rafael Ascenso, CEO of Porta da Frente Christie’s, to learn a little more about our country and in particular the town of Cascais: why is this place called the Portuguese Riviera? Why is it so appreciated by foreigners? What is the real estate market like in this area and why is there a ban on tall buildings? The aim of this pleasant meeting was also to understand what advantages are offered to citizens of other nationalities who wish to live in Portuguese territory and also what programmes can benefit investors.

Being Porta da Frente Christie’s a real estate brokerage particularly focused on the foreign market and permanently interested in finding new partners, this meeting was very satisfactory as it allowed us to promote, once again, the best that Portugal has to offer.

“Portugal took a while to show itself to the world, but now that it has done so, there’s no turning back. We have an exciting country with a fantastic climate, landscapes, beaches and gastronomy that leave no-one indifferent. We are the third safest country in the world and the first in the European Union. Our cost of living and quality of life are practically unbeatable. Apart from the many other reasons we could list, the Portuguese property market has reached a level of excellence it had never reached before, and this has also been an asset in attracting more residents and foreign investment. And it is important to reveal all this internationally, so we are always open to more initiatives like these, because, deep down, we are also responsible for this dissemination”, says Rafael Ascenso.

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