Moving to Lisbon: what school to choose?

16 de March, 2020

Changing countries or even just cities, can be a harrowing emotional challenge, particularly if there are children involved. The choice of school is the first and most decisive step so that everything works fine.

Private education schools are the establishments that in general, allow for an easier integration of the newly arrived, given the closer follow-up attention dedicated to these students. Adding to this, the wider offer of a larger number of extracurricular activities that keep the child occupied for a longer time, also plays an important role.

The ranking of the best Portuguese public and private schools is released annually, covering from the elementary to the secondary levels.

The Manuel Bernardes College in Lisbon – ranking thirteen in the referred ranking – has been regularly considered as the best college in Portugal, charging registration fees starting at 255€ and monthly tuition from 430€ on, in the high school level, and 410€ in the elementary one.

Lycée Français Charles LePierre teaches in both Portuguese and French languages, and has an inscription fee of 1100€ and tuition rates around 400€ per month for the elementary and middle school levels.

With an inscription fee of 220€, Colégio Planalto charges 255€ for registration in the elementary level and 293€ in the middle school level, with monthly tuition rates of 472€ and 570€ for each one of these levels, respectively.

At Salesianos in Estoril, near Cascais – 43rd in the ranking – registration has the same value as the monthly tuition, with the middle school level available from 425€ per month and the elementary level at 395€.

At the Deutsche Schule Lissabon, in Lisbon and Estoril, students from over 30 countries follow the German curriculum from Kindergarten to it’s final diploma, the Deutsches Internationales Abitur, accepted by universities from all over the world. It has an inscription fee of 750€ and tuition rates around 680€ per month for all levels. It has twice been recognized as an “outstanding German international school”.

St. Julian’s School in Carcavelos, along with the prestige of being a double-language institution, charges 1000€ for the admission process and 4200€ for the joining fee, adding 1438€ and 1268€ monthly tuition fees for the elementary and high school levels, respectively.

Another good option in this area is the Marista College (52nd), charging 330€ for inscription and a monthly tuition of 326€ and 346€, for the elementary and high school levels.

In the Oeiras area, Externato Padre António Vieira asks 285€ for inscription and monthly dues from 345€ for elementary grades, to 350€ for the more advanced level.

At the S. Miguel dos Arcos Academy, to the 246€ charged for registration, a monthly tuition of 328€ at the elementary level, and 345€ for the more advanced years, is due after that.

The Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, in Sintra, is open to any student willing to pay 500€ for registration, plus 1950€ for the Building Fee, and a tuition rate from 1006€ per month at the elementary level, to 1142€ monthly, for the more advanced one. A meal plan charge – with various cost alternatives – is also t be added to the tuition, as well as any subscribed extracurricular activities.

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