Portugal: the country to invest in a post-pandemic world

14 de April, 2020

With an effective politic strategy and measures in the containment and treatment of Covid-19, Portugal is internationally recognized as one of the best options for future investment. Also get to know our insights and perspectives on this reality.

There are already several international media who praise the way Portugal is dealing with the global scourge Covid-19: from Forbes magazine to the New York Times or the neighboor El País, the country is recognized with a stable political and economic structure and united, combined with excellent support and health infrastructures.

In the article “Living And Retiring Overseas Post The Coronavirus“, The Forbes publication states that Portugal is one of the best places in the world for those who want to retire. The North American magazine chose three destinations, Mexico, Belize and Portugal. For this choice, features such as our fantastic beach coast, security, investment in health care, infrastructures, healthy and quality cuisine and affordable living costs were pointed out.

“The Portuguese are the biggest consumers of fish per capita in Europe, and fresh fish of great variety is available daily in the markets. Year-round sunshine and fertile land also mean an abundance of fresh produce. Meanwhile, pollution rates are low and the streets, cities and beaches are clean and without garbage ”, it also reads.

On the other hand, the American newspaper The New York Times states that Portugal “deserves admiration”, in a piece that assesses the response measures of the neighboring country to the Covid-19 outbreak and compares them with the Portuguese case. The newspaper even says that Portugal “fared much better” than Spain and a specialist doctor heard by the journalist says that the country “deserves admiration”.

Titled “Spain’s Coronavirus Crisis Accelerated as Warnings Went Unheeded“, the article looks at how Spanish health officials acted with the virus as an external threat rather than considering that the country could be next piece to fall. And, although the two countries have a minority socialist government, Portugal has had the support of the opposition, reinforcing the necessary cohesion in the most difficult moments.

Finally, it is the neighbor on the El País who reinforces the praise for Portugal, stating that we are managing the pandemic in an exemplary way. “The world is focused on the north, on the British, the Dutch or the Germans, but I could learn from Portugal, the southern and Latin country where the coronavirus is advancing under control”.

And what is expected from the real estate market?

Much has been speculated about a freeze on transactions and comparisons to the 2009 financial crisis. However, the unanimous opinion of most of the mediators is that this situation is nothing like past crises.

“There is undoubtedly a postponement of real estate transactions, as we are going through a phase of uncertainty all over the world, which inevitably makes us all more careful. However, contrary to what one might think, we are not – nor will we – in a crisis similar to 2009. The current situation will have an impact, obviously, but it will not break a market that has been growing in a sustained manner. We are certain that this phase will be merely transitory and with a quick recovery, and that the investment will soon reach the previous levels ”, says Rafael Ascenso, General Manager at Porta da Frente Christie’s.

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