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9 de April, 2020

Are you planning to relocate? There are a number of services that you can request online or over the phone, especially at a time when we can’t easily leave home. Energy, water, gas, equipment purchase, etc. See some important and comfortable tips to support you at this stage.

Supply services: Water, electricity and gas

While in the past you needed to go to service providers to start new supply contracts, today you no longer need to leave your home to secure the water, electricity and gas for your new home.

With the liberalization of electricity and gas, a series of new suppliers emerged, such as EDP, Endesa, Iberdrola, Galp, Goldenergy, etc., all of them with the possibility of online contracting. Do a brief survey on pricing and coverage and choose yours. Remember that there may be restrictions on gas, as it will be related to your building preparation.

Regarding water services, there is no choice of supplier, as each municipality has its own supply. In that case, just search for your city’s water supplier and get in touch via phone or email.

These three services, so crucial to your move, can now be done through the comfort of your home. Just take the rental contract, accountant data, your scanned identification documents (which you can do with your smartphone) and you’re done. However, we advise you to try to place these requests at least a few weeks before the move, to ensure that you have everything ready when you leave for your hew house.

TV and network services

What would become of us without television and the internet these days? Like supply services, your TV, Internet and Voice provider can also be made within a call’s distance and even more easily. If you already have a contract in your current home, simply request a change of address and re-installation of service. If you are going to start a new contract, you can also do it by phone or by ordering over the internet.

Change of tax address in documents

When you relocate, all your official documents (ie Citizen Card, Driving License and Single Car Document) will need to have this change registered. If you want to take care of everything online (without facing queues and without having to move physically), you can do so by purchasing a Card reader, which is nothing more than an electronic device that reads all the information you need.

The entire online address change process is handled on the Citizen Portal through the Address Change service. To enter this Portal and access this option, it is necessary to have the Citizen Card authentication PIN (delivered to you at the time you requested or renewed this document) and its reader (whose price is between 10 and 15) euros, which can be purchased at stores such as Worten or FNAC), as well as complete information regarding the address of the property. The process of changing your address via the Internet is free of charge.

Equipments and appliances

Although some properties have original equipment (appliances for example), the truth is that some additional purchase is always necessary. On the other hand, decoration is also one of the biggest concerns when we think of our new home, as they provide comfort, rest and well-being. See the list of the main online stores that ensure not only delivery but the assembly / application of this equipment:



Rádio Popular


Leroy Merlin




Zara Home


Kinda Home


Moving and cleaning services

You don’t need to ask your friend’s friend for the van to make the changes or fix a muscle problem to transport years of life from one house to another. There are several moving services that you can hire without leaving your home. One of them is House Living, a company belonging to the Porta da Frente Christie’s group, which manages and offers support to all matters related to your property. From changes to cleaning, disinfection and preparation of the property, you can schedule all these services by phone or email. www.houseliving.pt

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